Tools for Physicists: Statistics (1/3)

by Wolfgang Gradl, Peter Weidenkaff

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at Kernphysik ( Hörsaal )

This lecture intended as a guide to practical application of statistics with a focus on relevant topics  in analysis of high energy physics data. Each session consists of a classical lecture part followed by a hands-on training using python. Experience in programming is advantageous but not mandatorily required.

Lecture 1: Statistical Distributions

Lecture 2: Confidence intervals, Hypothesis testing

Lecture 3: Parameter estimation

  • Unterrichtssprache / Language: Englisch / English
  • Foliensprache / Language Slides: Englisch / English
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Tools for Physicists / Werkzeuge für Physiker 2019

This lecture is part of a larger series covering various real-lab topics:

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Organised by Dr. Peter-Bernd Otte & Dr. Werner Lauth