Tools for Physicists: 3D Printing and Designing Basics

by David Rodriguez Piñeiro

1395/00-131 - Conference Room I Front (Raumteil 00-131) (HIM-Bau 1395)

1395/00-131 - Conference Room I Front (Raumteil 00-131)

HIM-Bau 1395


Introduction to standard 3D printing methods. Basic principles of Onshape (online CAD platform - registration and laptop needed). Parts preparations with Preform and Cura softwares to be sent to the printers.


  • Unterrichtssprache / Language: Englisch / English
  • Foliensprache / Language Slides: Englisch / English
  • Registration mandatory, see below.



Tools for Physicists / Werkzeuge für Physiker 2019

This lecture is part of a larger series covering various real-lab topics: