The Poznan meeting jointly organised by the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (Russia) and the Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan (Poland) looks back onto a long history of 10 bi- to triannual four-day-meetings, which started 1990 in Dubna and then took place at Poznan in the years 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2013 and finally 2016 with further plans for 2019. Finally, the topic and name of the workshop concluded in Applications of Lasers and Storage Devices in Atomic Nuclei Research.

The International Conference Series on Laser Probing LAP was founded as successor of the series of 10 highly successful international symposia on resonance ionization and its applications RIS, which started in the year 1981 and went on from 1984 biannually up to the year 2000. LAP1 took place in 2002 at Leuven with follow up meetings LAP2 2004 at ANL near Chicago, LAP3 2006 Vienna, LAP4 2008 Nagoya, LAP5 2010 TRIUMF near Vancouver, LAP6 2012 Paris and LAP7 2015 East Lansing.

Due to the strong overlap in topics and the participating communities of researchers, a merger between both conference series in 2019 was decided by the IACs of both conferences on the IAC meeting at Poznan 2016 and in written vote by side of the LAP responsibles. We are happy to announce that the organization of this event has now started.