Sep 25 – 30, 2022
Collegium Glashütten
Europe/Berlin timezone

Invited Speakers

Topic 1: Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries, QED & Antimatter

Jack Devlin, CERN, Switzerland                         Comparing the charge-to-mass ratios of the proton and antiproton to 16 parts-per-trillion

Ronald Garcia Ruiz, MIT, USA                        Radioactive atoms and molecules for nuclear science

Chris Rasmussen, CERN, Switzerland            Fundamental symmetries and trapped antihydrogen                    

Elina Fuchs, CERN, Switzerland                     New Physics searches with isotope shifts


Topic 2: Precision Spectroscopy and Frequency Standards

David Cassidy, UCL, UK                                A trap-based positron beam for precision positronium spectroscopy

Adriana Pallfy, MPIK Heidelberg, Germany    Electronic bridge processes with the 229Th nuclear clock transition

Dietrich Leibfried, NIST Boulder, USA            Frequency-comb spectroscopy on pure quantum states of a single molecular ion

Tanja Mehlstäubler, PTB, Germany               Multi-ion optical clock spectroscopy

Rachel Godun, NPL, UK                                Optical atomic clocks in search of new physics


Topic 3: Quantum State Manipulation and Quantum Information

Hartmut Häffner, UC Berkeley, USA                   Towards a trapped electron quantum computer

Tracy Northup, University Innsbruck, Austria     Entanglement of trapped ions over a 510 m link

Thomas Monz, University Innsbruck, Austria     A universal gate-set for trapped-ion logical qubits

Marko Cetina, Duke University, USA                  Coherent and Projective Manipulation of Quantum Information in Yb+ Ions


Topic 4: Highly Charged Ions and Radioactive Isotopes in Traps

Piet Schmidt, PTB, Germany                              Highly charged ion optical clocks to test fundamental physic

Sergey Eliseev, MPIK Heidelberg, Germany       High-precision Penning-trap experiment PENTATRAP

Francesca Giacoppo, GSI, Germany                  Revealing the burden of low-lying isomers in the heaviest elements with PTMS

Ania Kwiatkowski, TRIUMF, Canada                    Studies with radioactive highly charged ions at TITAN


Topic 5: Storage Ring Physics

Toshiyuki Azuma, RIKEN, Japan                                Molecular dynamics and spectroscopy at storage rings

Ragandeep Sidhu, University Edinburgh, Scotland  Precision experiments of nuclear and astrophysics relevance at storage rings

Rene Reifarth, University Frankfurt, Germany          Nuclear astrophysics with storage ring

Jörg Pretz, FZ Jülich, Germany                                 Search for electric dipole moments and axions / ALPs at storage rings