Tools for Physicists: Data Display and Analysis with Mathematica (and maybe a bit of Python)

by Arne Wickenbrock

1395/00-135 - Conference Room III Back (Raumteil 00-135) (HIM-Bau 1395)

1395/00-135 - Conference Room III Back (Raumteil 00-135)

HIM-Bau 1395


Current Status: Cancelled! (12.6.23)


In the context of our dark matter searches, we are working with relatively large time series datasets. I will motivate the dark matter search briefly, explain the machine that we build in Mainz and show how we acquire and then analyze the data. Or better, i show you how to do it and then you do it yourself.

This involves viewing the data in Mathematica, fitting it with analytical functions and if i get to it, demonstrating how much faster it works in Python. 

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Tools for Physicists / Werkzeuge für Physiker 2023

This lecture is part of a larger series covering various real-lab topics: 

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