Werkzeuge für Physiker 22: EM Noise & Interference in Measurement Setups

by Matthias Hoek (JGU Mainz, Institut für Kernphysik)

Lecture Hall (KPH)

Lecture Hall


J-J-Becher-Weg Mainz

POSTPONED to 3rd August 2022!


Unterrichtssprache / Language: Englisch / English
Foliensprache / Language Slides: Englisch / English
Remote / on-site: both


When measuring with small signal amplitudes or when forwarding analogue signals over longer distances, electromagnetic interference often occurs that can negatively influence the measurement result. Crosstalk between digital and analogue signals, whether in the measurement setup itself or in the subsequent electronic measurement acquisition, can also have a disturbing effect.

The lecture will lay the foundations for understanding the causes of electromagnetic interference.

Practical examples will be used to explain how simple measures can be taken to suppress or even eliminate the interference.



Tools for Physicists / Werkzeuge für Physiker 2022

This lecture is part of a larger series covering various real-lab topics.

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