Werkzeuge für Physiker 22: PCB Design with KiCAD

by Peter-Bernd Otte (HI-Mainz)

1395/00-131 - Conference Room I Front (Raumteil 00-131) (HIM-Bau 1395)

1395/00-131 - Conference Room I Front (Raumteil 00-131)

HIM-Bau 1395

Staudinger Weg 18 Mainz

Unterrichtssprache / Language: Englisch / English
Foliensprache / Language Slides: Englisch / English
Remote / on-site: on-site only


Introduction to create your first PCBs with KiCAD, the CERN supported OpenSource solution for electronics design.

Also learn your first steps on how to perform reflow soldering.



Tools for Physicists / Werkzeuge für Physiker 2022

This lecture is part of a larger series covering various real-lab topics.

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Helmholtz-Institut Mainz